Social and Emotional Learning, Mindfulness, and Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence

Four years ago we committed to hiring more social workers to ensure students with additional needs have the support they deserve. We have also invested in mindfulness training for all of our teachers so they can begin to lead these practices in their classrooms. For example, at KIPP Bloom Primary, teachers lead students in breathing techniques and yoga poses to start their classes. And if you visit us, you might also see a Kindergarten student leading the class in mindfulness exercises!

I was reaffirmed in my belief that transformation starts with oneself and that by focusing on the health and wellness of ourselves and our staff we are ultimately impacting the health and wellness of our students and families—healthy, emotionally aware adults teach kids how to be whole, feeling, healthy kids.
Superintendent Amy Pouba
All KIPP Chicago schools are closed through 4/20.Click here for more on KIPP Chicago's response to the Coronavirus.