Amplifying inquiry and evidence through Science

While Science, Technology, and Engineering programming has always been an important part of the KIPP Chicago experience, our efforts in fostering a love of inquiry and scientific thinking have grown over the last 3 years. Perhaps the biggest shift has been the adoption and implementation of the Amplify Science curriculum. At the core of Amplify Science is a focus on evidence-based, inquiry-focused thinking that brings Next Generation Science Standards to K-8 students. Amplify’s pedagogy invites students to explore phenomena with the purpose of solving authentic problems.

Our initial utilization of Amplify in grades 5 through 8 over the last few years have yielded strong results. Last year, KIPP Chicago was the highest performing region in the KIPP network on grades 6-8 Amplify tests! And KIPP Chicago has two teachers recognized as master science teachers by the KIPP Foundation: Monika Patel (KIPP Academy Chicago) and Julie Brunner (KIPP One Academy). This school year we have expanded the Amplify Science curriculum to all grades, as we know the path to rigorous thinking starts with a strong foundation.

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