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KIPP Ascend Primary

  • YEAR OPENED 1990
  • % LATINO 0%

Our Values

  • Create
  • Love
  • Inquire
  • Make it happen
  • Be the change

The KIPP Ascend Primary values are the actions that help our students visualize and live our mission. Our values spell CLIMB; students must live the five values to overcome challenges, accomplish their goals and CLIMB the mountain to and through college. Implementation of the values allows teachers and students to have a common language around high academic and behavior expectations.

Our Mission

Our mission drives the vision we have for our students as they grow from kindergartners to fifth graders. Our student vision focuses on the three themes of our mission: academics, character, and community. To ensure that our young students understand these broad themes, we break academics, character, and community into five teachable competencies; KIPP Ascend Primary students are learners, artists, leaders, teammates, and empowered citizens. As we use the five competencies to develop our students, we prepare each of our fourth graders with the academic, character and community engagement skills needed to fulfill our mission.

Our Learners

All students at KIPP Ascend Primary are learners; students prepare for college and the competitive world using a rigorous standards-based educational program, which is delivered in a nurturing, positive and joyful learning environment. The faculty at KIPP Ascend Primary engages in backwards planning and data-driven instruction that leads all students to a high level of skill mastery within a culture of positive support and active engagement. Using a response to intervention model, all students are provided with the academic support they need to succeed in an environment of high expectations. The faculty and students of KIPP Ascend Primary realize this instructional vision by implementing our six building blocks of excellent instruction.