’20-’21 Remote Learning Plan and Covid-19 Updates & Resources

KIPP Chicago Schools will be virtual until Monday, April 19th

Our tentative on-site start date for students is Monday, April 19th. KIPP Chicago is well-planned to meet this moment and will keep its promise of providing an excellent education to our students regardless of our setting. We will continue to monitor this situation closely and will remain consistent in making decisions that center the health and safety of your children and their teachers.

This guide highlights key aspects of our remote learning model and provides collective care and school-related support resources. Do not hesitate to reach out to your school’s principal or any of your student’s teachers with questions as we navigate this new way of learning together as one team and family.


KIPP works with every single student to ensure that they can access our technology platforms for online school.


The Best Online Education Programs

KIPP invests in top online education platforms for every student.


Proactive Communication

KIPP staff members have weekly individualized check-ins with every student and families will receive weekly progress reports.


Small Group Attention

KIPPsters will engage in small Zoom groups with their teachers if they are struggling to understand a concept.


As Close To A Normal School Day As Possible

KIPPsters will participate in live Zoom classes daily. Here, KIPPsters will experience meaningful community building, joy, and celebration.



KIPP Chicago has partnered with each family to ensure access to a learning device. If access to a learning device becomes a need for your student (tablet or computer), please contact your school’s principal.

We are part of Chicago Connected!

If you need support in accessing reliable internet please visit The Chicago Connected website or call The parent hotline at 773-417-1060 (M-F 7:30am-4:30pm). Your household will be provided guidance on finding low-cost internet options as an alternative to Chicago Connected.

Resources for Chromebook support:

The Best Online Education Programs

Our online education programs and platforms allow for predictable weekly and daily routines to make remote learning as accessible as possible for our families, while optimizing KIPPsters’ learning. Students will receive daily instruction in core content, utilizing familiar online tools and programs like Google Classroom, SeeSaw, Zoom video conferencing, amongst others.

IXL is personalized learning. With a comprehensive K-12 curriculum, individualized guidance, and real-time analytics, IXL meets the unique needs of each learner
Google Classroom is a web service developed by Google for schools that aims to simplify creating, distributing, and grading assignments. The primary purpose of Google Classroom is to streamline the process of sharing files between teachers and students. How to use Google Classroom for Students.
Seesaw creates a powerful learning loop between students, teachers, and families. Students use built-in annotation tools to capture what they know in Seesaw’s digital portfolio. Teachers deeply understand student thinking and progress — enabling them to teach better. Families gain a window into their student’s learning and engage with school happenings.
Nearpod allows teachers to upload and make any of their favorite resources (PowerPoints, Google Slides, and now, any video) interactive. Teachers can add real-time checks for understanding that have built-in accessibility features, like audio responses and Microsoft Immersive Reader. They can also add media like Virtual Reality, simulations, and websites to support meaningful connections and keep every student engaged. Teachers get real-time insights into students’ learning during the lesson. Later, they can use reports to inform the next day’s instruction.
Eureka Math connects math to the real world in ways that take the fear out of math and build student confidence—helping students achieve true understanding lesson by lesson and year after year.
Kami is a leading digital classroom app built to transform any existing document into an interactive learning experience. Join millions of educators using Kami to improve engagement and collaboration while teaching in the classroom, or online.

Proactive Communication

Each of our schools has an online learning Hub to help elevate and support the virtual learning experience of students and families. The Hubs include school and neighborhood-specific references for families regarding COVID-specific information. This includes, but is not limited to, tech tutorials, community resources, and online learning schedules. Additionally, our Hubs are a place for families to indicate a need for tech support. Finally, these Hubs will be active forums for schools to celebrate student success and recognize virtual community building.

Explore our School Learning Hubs!

The Latest from our Superintendent

May 7, 2021

Dear KIPP Families,

In the past three weeks, we’ve welcomed more than 1,700 KIPPsters back to buildings safely and joyfully, which would not have been possible without your partnership. I am writing today with some next steps as we plan for school this fall. 

The Biden administration expects all K-12 schools across the country to be open in the fall, and CPS is planning for in-person classes as well. We have had a successful partial return to in-person classes and we are hopeful for a full return to in-person learning in August — following, of course, the recommendations of public health agencies like the CDC, IDPH, and CDPH. 

We are confident in and excited about our on-site programming, therefore we are strongly urging families who are still fully remote to select in-person. We are planning, however, to offer a remote option as long as our state and district require us to do so. 

Our priority is to open schools for 4-5 days per week for all children, which means that remote instruction may involve less live Zoom and more individual instruction/assignments due to decreased teacher availability. Of course, we cannot make any decisions until we have heard from you. After receiving your responses, we will create the best possible Quarter 1 model for all students.

Please complete this form to make your choice by Friday, May 21st. A few things to keep in mind:

  • Your decision is for Quarter 1 of next school year, which begins on August 23rd and ends on October 29th.
  • Every KIPP family is required to complete this form. You will need to complete one survey for each KIPP student in your family. 
  • We are encouraging our families to select on-site learning. Should you choose for your student to remain engaged in remote learning, you would not be able to change to on-site learning during Quarter 1. You can, however, switch from on-site schooling to remote schooling at any time.
  • With either decision we are asking that you complete your re-registration paperwork. You are receiving an email with your students’ specific re-registration link for next school year. Please complete it as soon as possible so that we have all updated information. 

Finally, this month we are hosting virtual Know your Legal Rights workshops each Thursday at 5:00 pm that will cover careers in the legal field, success after incarceration, and knowing your rights. Learn more in your school newsletter or on our KIPP Chicago Facebook and Instagram pages.  We hope to see you there! Also, for all of you who mother and parent children at home, in your extended family, and your communities, THANK YOU and Happy Mother’s Day!

With love and appreciation, 



KIPP Chicago Schools

March 12, 2021

Dear KIPP Families,

As promised in February, I am following up today to confirm our plan to open our schools for on-site programming on Monday, April 19th, the first day of Quarter 4. We have spent the last several weeks using your feedback and working collaboratively with school leadership to create an on-site option and maintain a remote learning option that prioritizes safety and takes your needs and the needs of our community into account. 

Thank you for completing our surveys throughout this year. After conducting our most recent survey, it was clear that many of our families are ready to send their students to school for on-site programming AND that many of our families prefer to continue learning from home. It was also clear that longer days were better than half days for those ready to send their students on-site. Lastly, we know we have to sustain the quality of remote learning while also providing kids opportunities to be kids (safely) in either setting. We have done our very best to create a return to on-site programming that accomplishes everything above. 

First, for those of you remaining remote, we are trying to make as few changes to your child’s schedule as possible. While you can expect some minor tweaks to times, you can expect the quality of remote learning instruction to remain the same.

Students who attend school on-site will be at school two full days a week (either Monday/Tuesday or Thursday/Friday). To keep classrooms small enough for social distancing, students attending on-site programming will attend in person from 7:45-3:30 pm, two full days per week. To minimize the opportunity for COVID transmission, students will be assigned a classroom pod and will remain with those students for the entire day on campus. Wednesday will continue to be remote for all students so that our buildings can be thoroughly cleaned. You can expect to hear directly from your school’s leadership regarding what two days your children will attend school on-site by Friday, March 26th. Additionally, they will communicate directly with you regarding all the safety precautions and measures required for students to attend school on-site.

As a reminder, regardless of your decision to remain remote or attend on-site, our schools will remain meal distribution sites until the end of the school year. You can expect your child’s school to communicate the hours of operation for meal distribution.

Again, we are grateful for your patience, your feedback, and most of all, your trust. We will continue to work together to provide you and your students with the best school experience our city has to offer. 

With gratitude,


Friday, January 15th, 2021

Dear KIPP Chicago Families,

As promised in December, I’m writing with a mid-January update. I will be direct about this. While we believe whole-heartedly in a return to on-site learning as soon as possible, we will be extending our student on-site date to Monday, April 19th, the first day of Quarter 4. I am hopeful we will welcome back students who opt to be on-site at that time. With community positivity rates hovering in the double digits, a variation of the Coronavirus that is 50% more transmissible gaining momentum, and vaccinations within reach for educators, we believe it is prudent to devote 100% of our energy toward offering the best remote education this city has to offer.

Throughout this pandemic, we have worked as a collective. Our principals have elevated the voices of staff members and you, our KIPP families, to inform region-wide decisions. This decision was no different, and it was not made easily. We know that our students need us in-person and that some of you are willing to return your students to on-site learning. At this point, however, we believe that a return in February would compromise our original guiding principles regarding safety and high-quality remote learning.

We are communicating this today with the assurance that we will continue to focus on showing up as the very best teachers and leaders we can be. You can expect to hear back from us in February with another opportunity to update your preference for on-site or remote learning. In the meantime, I would like to provide some details regarding our latest preparations:

  • First, we have contracted with an agency that will provide an on-site Health Coordinator at each of KIPP Chicago’s 6 buildings once we resume on-site learning. The Health Coordinator is a trained nurse who will lead a comprehensive testing program for teachers, assist with contact tracing, provide vaccine education to our staff and families, and provide real-time health support through the end of the school year.
  • Second, all of our buildings have received outside assessments of their ventilation systems and currently meet on-site learning guidelines.
  • Third, we are continuing to iterate schedules that ensure our on-site model in April will not compromise the quality of remote learning our families have grown accustomed to.
  • Lastly, we are waiting for guidance from the city regarding vaccinations. The most current information can be found here. You can trust we will send more information out as soon as it becomes available.

As we think about our decision to remain remote longer, we recognize our collective responsibility at this moment in history. When our schools open, we will find peace in knowing our relationships have grown even stronger as a result of the care we have shown for each other during this time.

In this spirit, I want to encourage you to participate in our newest parent and family wellness offerings. This month we are launching monthly workshops for families, including financial literacy workshops and cooking demos (with many other options). The first session will be held on January 28th at 5 pm via Zoom. Participants will cook a heart-healthy baked broccoli parmesan meal with our community partner, Native Tongue. The cooking demonstration will be presented in both English and Spanish. Native Tongue will offer one bag of groceries for the first 10 participants to sign up and participate. Please join us by signing up here: https://forms.gle/hvHm5eypqRG8xgXh8!

With love and gratitude,


Wednesday, December 2nd, 2020 

Dear KIPP Chicago Staff,

In light of CPS’ recent announcement to return to on-site schooling for students in grades K-8 on Monday, February 1st, I will be communicating updates more frequently. Due to current health conditions in the city, in part due to holiday gatherings, we will be moving our tentative start date to February 22nd.

We believe that a sufficient runway is necessary to transition with intentionality and safety. Extending our tentative start date will allow us to gather up-to-date city health data upon return from the holiday break while also giving us sufficient time to launch on-site learning in alignment with our guiding principles. One thing is for sure: whenever it is safe enough to return to on-site schooling, we will be ready. Thus, we are moving forward with creating on-site schooling models that center health, safety, and learning regardless of start date. Doing so will offer you and our families clarity and assurance that we will be able to extend our high-level remote programming to an on-site setting that is predictable and safe for all of our stakeholders.

To prepare for a tentative February 22nd launch we are taking some immediate next steps:

Family Choice Survey: We are surveying our families and asking that they select either an on-site or remote option if schools were to open on-site in February. Please help us in ensuring 100% completion of this survey by December 16th.

School Staffing: Our human resources team, in collaboration with your school leadership, will be responding to all requests for on-site work exemptions or on-site work accommodations by December 16th. If you have not yet completed an Accommodations Request Form we have recorded that you are able to return to on-site work on February 22nd or whenever it is decided we will return to on-site school.

School Model: We are working closely with school leadership to identify on-site models that prioritize the following. 


  • Student Experience. The extent to which the model promotes a positive, predictable, and equitable daily experience for all KIPPsters.
  • Family Experience. The extent to which the model supports childcare and scheduling preferences for parents.
  • Teacher Experience. The extent to which the model promotes life balance and feasible workload.
  • Instructional Quality. The extent to which the model enables schools to deliver quality instruction.
  • Operational Feasibility. The extent to which the model enables leadership and operations to ensure all students are safe, in attendance, and receiving the support they need.
  • Staffing Capacity. The extent to which the model can absorb inevitable COVID-related exemptions and absences.

Facility Readiness: This is something we have been working on since day one. We have confidence that once city health indicators are such that we believe it is safe to open our buildings, we will be ready to do so. Our buildings are equipped with proper ventilation systems and are on a monitoring plan to maintain high levels of functioning. We have partnered with the facilities teams to drive top of the line disinfecting practices. We have enough PPE to last through the end of the school year, we will be able to enlist nursing support, and we can ensure social distancing requirements are met.

Finally, I know that this is not easy. I am grateful each day for your resilience and our shared commitment to seeing this through with our health, wellness, and student learning at the center. To that end, it is important to be with others across our community. Please consider joining our Wellness Wednesday painting event at 5 pm on Wednesday, December 9th, and our event on Wednesday, December 16th.  Order your painting kit for reimbursement here. Materials you will need for our cookie-making event, complete with a vegan option, can be found here. I would love to see you there. Finally, we are mailing holiday gifts to all staff next week! You may have received an email to confirm shipping from Josyln Villalpando, no next steps are required. 

With love and appreciation, 


Friday, October 10th, 2020 

Dear KIPP Chicago Families,

While hard to believe, this letter finds us already over half way through the first quarter. I have had the opportunity to “zoom” into many of your children’s classrooms and in every instance I leave feeling so incredibly proud of and inspired by your children and their teachers and leaders. On average, 92% of KIPPsters are attending school everyday. Please continue to work with your child’s school to ensure your child can log in, be marked present, and learn on a daily basis.

As we partner with you in providing the best remote school we can offer, we will continue to put the safety and voices of our families above all else. We had nearly 1000 families complete our last survey. This helps us make decisions that include you even though we are not physically together in our schools. Thank you.  We remain committed to communicating as proactively as we can so that you are able to plan ahead for your children’s care.  As we near Quarter 2, I hope you find some clarity in knowing where we are headed. 

We will continue to operate school remotely until at least January. We know that more of you are feeling comfortable considering on-site school. We also know that the majority of you would prefer to continue with remote learning. As previously shared, if health metrics and city authorities indicate that staff and students can safely be in buildings prior to January, we may decide to open our schools to students in a limited capacity. Should this become a possibility, you will hear from us with plenty of runway to make a decision that is right for your family. 

Finally, I have provided just a few updates and reminders. 

  1. November 3rd is now a day off for all KIPP Chicago staff and students. This day is off so that staff and families can vote and/or volunteer as part of local voting efforts. We hope this day off helps remove some barriers in this process. 
  2. Because November 3rd is a day off, November 6th will now be a regular remote learning day for students. Students should plan to attend remote school on November 6th. 
  3. Please also join us in celebrating Latinx Heritage Month by following us on Facebook and Instagram at @KIPPChicago. Here you can learn more about the cultures, contributions and resilience of Latinx, Hispanic and Latino-identified communities within KIPP Chicago, our city and around the world and participate in our first ever KIPP Chicago Loteria event which launches on Tuesday, October 6th. Check your email for more information on how to pick up your game board and play.


Amy Pouba


July 17th, 2020

I am writing today with an update about KIPP Chicago’s plan for the school year. As you may know, we decided weeks ago to prioritize the safety of our staff and students by deciding to start school remotely. I’m grateful for this early decision as it allowed our leaders and teachers to thoughtfully focus on preparing to be the best remote classroom teachers this city has to offer. KIPP Chicago will keep its promise of providing an excellent education to our students and communities regardless of our setting.

In light of Mayor Lightfoot’s recent announcement that CPS district led schools will be operating a remote teaching model through the end of the first quarter, I wanted to reach out to our families. We will continue to monitor this situation closely and will remain consistent in making decisions that center the health and safety of your children and their teachers. As a result, our new tentative on-site start date will be Tuesday, November 10th. This means our entire first quarter of learning will take place remotely. We do not take the impact this decision has on our families lightly. We know how hard it is to wear the hat of a parent and teacher while navigating the realities of this time.

If it becomes safe enough, we will pursue ways for our buildings to provide space for students to complete their remote learning.

As a parent myself, I know how much it means when caring leaders and teachers greet our children with a supportive online classroom and engaging learning opportunities. Below are a few highlights of KIPP’s remote schooling model this Fall:

  • Access. KIPP will work with every single child to ensure that they can access our technology platforms for online school.
  • As close to normal school experience, given the circumstance. KIPPsters will be in Live Zoom classes every single day with their teachers and classmates. KIPPsters will have many hours of grade level instruction to complete outside of Live Zoom classes. KIPPsters will have access to fun Zoom activities so they can connect with their classmates on Wednesdays.
  • The Best Online Education Programs. KIPP has purchased licenses for the top online education platforms for every student.
  • Communication. Every parent/student will receive a one-on-one conference before the year starts to ensure they have everything needed to be successful. Once the year starts on August 24th, KIPP staff will contact students/families at least twice a week, and families will receive progress reports each week that show student grades and online attendance.
  • Small group attention. KIPPsters will also have access to Zoom small groups with less than 10 students. KIPPsters may also be in small group Zooms with their teachers if they are struggling to understand a concept.
  • Follow us on Facebook and Instagram! Schools will recognize students with pictures, prizes, and celebrations on social media accounts.

In closing, I want every parent to know that our Principals began planning way back in May for the possibility of remote school this Fall. As I write this letter, teachers are receiving professional development with the aim of becoming the best remote instructors this city has to offer. In other words, you can count on KIPP right now. We can’t wait to see your children online for our first day of remote school on Monday, August 24th. Please be on the lookout for communication from your specific school in the next two weeks. Also, I ask that you check your email and complete our family survey if you have not already done so. Your voice matters to us.


Amy Pouba

Small Group Attention

Zoom is a video communications app that allows students to join virtual video and audio conferencing for live chats, screen-sharing, and other collaborative capabilities. Teachers will meet with students via Zoom to provide individualized tutoring and support. In this section you will find a quick how-to guide for accessing zoom.

As Close to a Normal School Day as Possible

Kipp Chicago will keep its promise of providing an excellent education to our students regardless of our setting. Our remote instruction strategy maintains the clear expectations, consistent routines, joy and unwavering support that our families know and trust.

Virtual School Strategy (What should students and families expect?)

Expectations | Grades K-3

Live Zoom Learning
Approximately 3 hours per day
Work Outside of Class
Approximately 3 hours per day
Morning Meeting (30min)
Guided Reading (45min)
Math (45min)Enrichment/Art (45min)
Office Hours (as needed)
Math practice
Reading requirements
Ed-Tech programs
Teachers will offer small group instruction based on student need. On Wednesdays, instead of live Zoom classes, teachers will conference with families directly to review progress. In addition to the learning requirements above, families may request additional work or extension assignments.

Expectations | Grades 4-8
All students in Grades 4-8 receive their normal four core subjects: Science, Math, ELA, and Social Studies / Writing.

Live Zoom Learning
Approximately 2-3 hours per day
Work Outside of Class
Approximately 3-4 hours per day
Class 1 (60min)
Class 2 (60min)
Optional Class 1 Office Hours (30min)
Optional Class 1 Office Hours (30min)
Independent work for all 4 core classes
Reading Requirements
Ed-Tech programs
It is expected that students in Grades 4-8 spend up to 3-4 hours outside of the live Zoom times working on assignments, readings, projects, or programs. Teachers will offer small group instruction for students based on need, and teachers will correspond with families multiple times per week. On Wednesdays, instead of live Zoom classes, teachers will facilitate celebrations, SEL instruction, small group instruction, and other programming. In addition to the learning requirements above, families may request additional work or extension assignments.

Food Distribution

Sign up for meal delivery service through CPS here.
Visit an open CPS school site for meal distribution Monday through Friday from 9am-1pm. Distribution sites change, so please check online here for the most up to date information.

Weekly Community Building

KIPPsters will be resuming many of the traditions that they know and love. Whether it is Zest Fest, Keep Climbing Days, Holla 4 Hope, or Bloom Bash, teachers are making sure that Remote School is fun! KIPPsters will also be resuming many of the activities that build a sense of community and support them in their social-emotional needs. Teachers will devote time for this in Morning Meetings (grades K-3) and Advisory Homerooms (grades 4-8).

Remote Attendance policy

KIPP Chicago will keep attendance each day in accordance with the State of Illinois instructional days requirement. Students who do not complete course work assignments remotely or who do not attend virtual class meetings scheduled for a given day will be marked absent for that day.

Grading policy

KIPP Chicago will return to its normal grading practices in which grades will be based on participation in live Zoom class, completion of all work, and mastery of material. Therefore, unlike KIPP’s remote grading practices from the Spring, grades can go up or down. Families will be emailed a weekly progress report on Mondays with updated grades, attendance, and work completion feedback.

Other COVID-19 Information & Resources

Maintain Healthy Habits

Listed below are the recommendations from the World Health Organization (WHO).

  • Wash your hands frequently Regularly and thoroughly clean your hands with an alcohol-based hand rub or wash them with soap and water.
  • Maintain social distancing Maintain at least six feet between yourself and anyone who is coughing or sneezing.
  • Avoid touching eyes, nose, and mouth Hands touch many surfaces and can pick up viruses. Once contaminated, hands can transfer the virus to your eyes, nose or mouth. From there, the virus can enter your body and can make you sick.
  • Practice respiratory hygiene Cover your mouth and nose with your bent elbow or tissue when you cough or sneeze. Then dispose of the used tissue immediately.

Stay Informed

Please bookmark and check the following websites and sources for the most up-to-date information regarding COVID-19 (coronavirus):

What to do if you have symptoms

If you or someone you are in contact with displays the COVID-19 symptoms (below) please contact your primary health care physician immediately to ask about next steps. If you do not have a primary healthcare physician, please contact an urgent care facility nearest you.

  • Fever of 100.4 or higher
  • Persistent cough
  • Persistent shortness of breath
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