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The Whole Child Review Issue No. 3, April 2020

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Embracing an Inclusive and Challenging Curriculum

From Billy Warden, Head of Schools:

At KIPP we often say: “Find a way or make one.” The last few weeks have undoubtedly tested this core principle. But thanks to our committed teachers and leaders, we have found a way to safely ensure students receive food, a way to close a significant hardware gap, a way to navigate unfamiliar tech platforms for our lessons… and we have found a way to establish a simple fact: nothing, not even a global pandemic, can disrupt our Team and Family culture.

When an extended closure looked inevitable, teachers made their convictions clear. Their KIPPsters didn’t have the luxury of missing out on learning. Simply printing worksheets or asking students to get on external education apps would not be enough. Our KIPPsters would need more from us. They would need love, they would need Joy-factor, and they would need us to do what we do best everyday, teach.

This is why KIPP Chicago’s vision is for students to have access to the same education as if they were sitting at desks in our schools. Our teachers are working harder than ever to replicate their exact curriculum in Google virtual classrooms. They are uploading videos of morning circles, facilitating classroom shout-outs, and administering “exit tickets” to measure student mastery. They are literally “making” a way to deliver on our simple promise: “KIPP will do whatever it takes to see its students to and through college.”

At-home Learning Highlights


Casey Weldon from KIPP One Primary created a beautiful YouTube channel for her students, including a project to create a ‘Window of Hope’ to honor the idea of keeping everyone safe by staying indoors.

Mr. Saunders leads his students in Quarantine Classroom videos.

Ms. Nuñez from KIPP Academy Chicago Primary uses footage of her students from earlier in the year to create videos, engaging her students in math lessons.

Ms. Grossheim makes sure to keep students engaged with costume pieces in her lessons.

School Leaders are offering students a schedule to try and maintain a sense of normalcy while engaging in at-home learning.

Our Academic Team continues to structure what at-home learning expectations look like.

KIPP: STEM Create at Home Challenge Winner

We want to highlight the work of Destiny Burrows, a student at KIPP Academy Chicago. Out of 400 submissions, Destiny was selected as one of two winners in the science presentation category for the KIPP Create At Home challenge! We are so proud of her creativity, energy, and incredible hard work. Check out her project on Mae Jemison.

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