Springtime on Neptune

Summer 2018

Springtime on Neptune is an exhibition exploring ideas of Afrofuturism and radical imagination that showcases artwork created by artists ranging from ages 5 to 13. Their artistic expression is an investigation of the constantly shifting definition of Afrofuturism, its effect on contemporary culture, and the conceptual ideas of outer space being utilized to assist in the education of fine art and contemporary social issues.

The title, Springtime on Neptune is derived from a composition created by Sun Ra, often referred to as the pioneer of Afrofuturism. The song, titled “have you heard the news from Neptune,” feeds into Sun Ra’s larger body of work, which brings news of a utopian other world and was created to “wake up” a culture. Springtime on Neptune is answering his call and providing the “news” to the public from the voices of kids.

But Afrofuturism is more than just Black Science Fiction—it is a starting point for dreaming of a more radically imaginative, inclusive culture and world, in which Black identity is acknowledged, and has a celebrated role.

The artists that created this show were given space to alter their imagined futures and their imagined worlds. Often children are bound by limitations of their current environments and their imaginations become stunted by what immediately surrounds them, both physically and mentally. The skill of imagining is absolutely essential in being able to evaluate current conditions in order to initiate radical change.

Come Visit Us

Admission is free for all ages. Donations are gladly accepted.


Monday – Friday 9AM to 4PM
Saturday – Sunday by appointment only
Every 2nd Friday of the month from 6-10PM


2007 S. Halsted, Chicago, Illinois 60608

Located in the Pilsen Neighborhood on the southern border of the historic Chicago Arts District.

How to book a group tour

A one hour tour includes a conversation around each art exhibit, short video, and an activist button making activity. We are a small, one room museum inside the KIPP Chicago regional office so we can only accommodate groups of 25 people or fewer. Students in grades K-12 welcome! Email jvillalpando@kippchicago.org to schedule a tour.

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