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The Whole Child Review Issue No. 13, March 2024

Sharing Resources from Children’s Museum of Art and Social Justice

KIPP Chicago & KIPP Atlanta Collaborate on “Self(ie) Love” Exhibition

We’re excited to share that the collaboration between KIPP Metro Atlanta and KIPP Chicago continues with the “Self(ie) Love” exhibition. Launched on December 21, 2023, this innovative project delves into the themes of identity and self-love through the transformative power of art.

At the heart of “Self(ie) Love” lies a celebration of individuality and self-expression. Scholars from grades 4 to 7 have embarked on a creative journey, exploring their unique identities through various art forms. From memories and experiences to relationships and values, students are encouraged to reflect on the diverse elements that shape their sense of self.

The exhibition seamlessly integrates art and writing, providing students with a platform to merge these mediums and convey their reflections on identity and self-love. Scholars have explored different facets of their identities through engaging activities such as creating pop art, designing album covers, and crafting wearable art inspired by artist Nick Cave’s Soundsuits.

This collaborative project has fostered a sense of community and mutual learning among scholars from both regions. By sharing their stories and experiences, students have forged connections that transcend geographical boundaries, creating a space for cross-cultural dialogue and celebration of diversity.

“Self(ie) Love” is more than just an exhibition; it’s a celebration of self-love and acceptance within our school communities. Through their artwork and reflections, students are sending a powerful message of self-empowerment that resonates far beyond the walls of the exhibition hall.

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