Latinx Heritage Month 2021 - KIPP Chicago Public Schools

Happy Latinx Heritage Month!

We honor the undeniable impact of Latinx culture, rich traditions, diversity, activism, and champions woven into the tapestry of American life as well as the possibility and promise that shines bright for current and future generations. To honor and pay tribute to all Latinx-Americans’ power, beauty, resilience, and contributions to our KIPP Chicago community, the United States, and the world, we proudly celebrate Latinx Heritage Month from September 15th- October 15th!

We know that our community grows when we share and learn together. So, as we’ve done in the past, we will end this month by sharing a compilation of lessons, celebrations, performances, and projects across KIPP Chicago. As we continue to evolve and elevate our practices and commitments, our collective responsibility is to create robust and meaningful experiences for all of our students to grow, be seen, and celebrated. Together, we can leverage each other to be even more intentional about showing our love, support, and solidarity with our Hispanic, Latino, and Latinx communities all year long!