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The Whole Child Review Issue No. 10, October 2022

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Enhancing Teacher Wellbeing

Fringe Wellness Pilot

KIPP Chicago piloted a new lifestyle and benefits platform for our staff. In response to staff feedback, we heard the desire for autonomy in their wellness journey. As a result, we partnered with Fringe as a meaningful solution and tool for their wellness journey and would offer the necessary autonomy.

The pilot ran from May-June 2022, during which 112 staff members of all professional levels of the organization accessed the portal and 221 lifestyle benefits were selected. The benefits included wellness classes, subscriptions to various lifestyle organizations and services, personal development, activities for children, and so much more!

Based on staff survey responses, we’re happy to report the pilot was a success.

“Transparently, with the rise in the cost of so many things and being a parent of 4, I simply, at times, don’t have the funds to do a lot of things. So the options Fringe offers got me excited, and I actually waited to combine my points, and now I’m deciding between something for myself or the family.”

“Fringe allows you to choose how you are being appreciated based on your needs. Appreciation can look different at different times so the flexibility to choose based on your current needs or wants is a huge benefit.”

“I think this is a great way to give teachers and staff something they may need. I love having so many options for how to spend points. From groceries to fitness support, there is something for everyone. I wish we had something like this after I had my baby; having options like support with postpartum or finding childcare is amazing for mothers or expecting mothers. I think this could really benefit staff!”

We are very grateful to our teacher wellness sponsor, Stephanie Morimoto, owner of Asutra, for bringing this to KIPP Chicago.

Marquita Curry – CPS Principal Advisory Committee

Marquita Curry was elected to the CPS CEO Principal Advisory Council (PAC) in May. The PAC is a group of elected principals from across the district who provide input and feedback on key district initiatives and policies. The PAC has 28 members who engage in regular meetings with CEO Martinez and Chief Education Officer, Bogdana Chkoumbova so that principals’ voices are centered on decisions that directly affect their staff, students, and community.

Marquita serves on the PAC as one of only three principals representing fellow charter/contract/and options schools in Chicago. She is excited to strengthen the connections between our schools and the district by sharing the great work happening at KIPP Chicago while also deepening her understanding of the strengths and challenges of the district as a whole. She is honored to serve!

Latinx Motherhood Womanhood and Mental Health

We centered the voices of our Latinx teachers and parents through a panel discussion celebrating Latinx motherhood, womanhood, and mental health. The panel included Sylvia Ibarra-Moderator, Managing Director of Student Services- ML, Kayla Vigil Nuguid, English Learner Case Manager & Bilingual Teacher, Jennifer Torres and, Diverse Learner Teacher and Maria Quiroz, KIPP Chicago Parent. During the conversation, the panelists shared their joys, challenges, desires for inclusion, and vulnerabilities. In addition, we reflected on the fullness of their respective experiences faced during the COVID-19 pandemic and post-COVID. Thank you to our Whole Child Wellness Champions, Chantell Denney and Alanna Bonfiglio for your support in planning and organizing this impactful event!


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