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The Whole Child Review Issue No. 8, January 2022

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Sharing Resources from our CMASJ

Welcoming back small group tours

On October 26th, a group of students enrolled in Loyola’s Philosophy of Education course toured our CMASJ with Jennifer Hodges. The purpose of this class is to provide space for future educators to define the purpose of education while also challenging them to rethink how they view education and schooling. We hope their experience learning about our museum will give them the courage to radically reimagine how they will impact students as teachers!

On November 16th, we welcomed Kinnari Patel-Smyth, KIPP Foundation President, to visit CMASJ to learn more about our work. We had a meaningful conversation about the power of the arts and the future of our museum work.

A group of college students from Baldwin Wallace toured with us on December 17th as part of their alternative holiday break. We loved sharing our goals of infusing social justice into the arts and hearing more about the work that the BW students are leading as they explore their interests in social justice work.

Once Upon Our Time Capsule

As more students from across multiple campuses participated in the Once Upon Our Time Capsule project, we continued to witness the impact this pandemic has had on our children. Through their artwork, students revealed the challenges and unexpected joys of living with COVID-19 for nearly two years.

We are currently displaying many of the finished time capsules along with several sealed drums full of time capsules at our CMASJ. These time capsules will be sealed until the year 2026 when participants will open them to learn about the effects of this pandemic through the eyes of children across Chicago.

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