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The Whole Child Review Issue No. 7, October 2021

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Sharing Resources from our CMASJ

Time Capsule Project

Once Upon Our Time Capsule was founded by Stacey Gillett and Stephanie Hodges to celebrate Chicago’s children and to foster new ways of building community as we continue to navigate the pandemic. In collaboration with over 35 youth-serving organizations, engaging thousands of children ages 5-12 from over 70 different communities, this project encourages youth to create time capsules to capture their experiences of living through a pandemic. Approximately 70% of participating children represent Chicago’s BIPOC communities. Once Upon Our Time Capsule is supported by the generosity of Bloomberg Philanthropies, Chicago Public Library Foundation, John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation and Polk Bros. Foundation.

Students from KIPP Bloom Primary’s art classroom participated in illustrating the joys and challenges of living through a pandemic before placing them inside decorated time capsules. Check out the NBC5 feature with our students! Look for time capsules on display soon at our CMASJ.

KIPP Metro Atlanta Visits the Museum

This summer, we had the pleasure of hosting KIPP Metro Atlanta’s Executive Team at our Children’s Museum of Art and Social Justice! We know that strong partnership and collaboration is the cornerstone of excellent schools and school communities, so we were thrilled to welcome this team for a day of inspiration, collaboration, and community. The intention of the visit was to share the vision, mission, and growth of the museum over the last five years. In addition, KIPP Metro Atlanta’s Executive Team was able to tour the museum and learn more about The Whole Child Initiative.

Coloring Book

Our coloring book is full of 30 + pages, all designed by KIPP Chicago students. Copies of the coloring book can be ordered here. All proceeds from the book will help us to install identity-affirming, positive murals in our schools, like the mural shown here from KIPP Ascend Primary. Also, check out how KIPP Forward’s Ms. Weldu created a bulletin board at KIPP Academy Chicago using pages from the coloring book!

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