Opening Letter - KIPP Chicago Public Schools

The Whole Child Review Issue No. 7, October 2021

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Opening Letter

As a unique introduction to this edition of the Whole Child Review, we share a poem written by Jennifer Hodges, Vice President of Whole Child Fund & Community Impact.

Racism is drowning us,
Whole Child is anti-racist air for our children to live a life of choice,
Whole Child is for the dreamers and believers,
For those whose roots are Chicago or nowhere.
Whole Child is for Black and Brown children whose existence is greater than hungry stomachs and the contents of brown paper bags.

You are a THINKER of wealth and riches,
Rich in spirit!
Who needs potential when you have promise?
Who needs hope when you have certainty?
Know your truth. Speak your truth.
Whole Child is for you to live a life of choice,
To dream a dream you didn’t know you could dream!

Embrace your greatness and be spiritually free,
Design your wings and sing the song you want to sing, and sing it off-key!
Find your muse in the sun, or under the moon, live vivid daydreams.
Know the greatest state of your mind and write until the end of time.

Whole Child is for spiritual healing, mending broken hearts and deep soul breathing.
You are a manifestation of goodness and purity,
Breathe deep and release.

We say, “you are your ancestors’ wildest dreams!”
They say, “I am your foundation and you stand on the strength of me.”
On their shoulders you can reach and see your highest self,
Nobody built like you, you design yourself.

Teachers are your unsung heroes, they are artists of love,
Everyday superheroes.
They are your rock and shield,
When they speak life, you exceed your best,
They are artists of love!

Embrace your greatness and be spiritually free!
Design your wings and sing the song you want to sing
Sing it off key.
Find your muse in the sun or under the moon,
Live vivid daydreams
Remember, YOU are your ancestors’ wildest dreams!

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