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The Whole Child Review Issue No. 7, October 2021

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KIPP Chicago was honored to install a museum exhibit, and design and participate in panel discussions at the ASU + GSV 2021 Summit. Over the years, ASU + GSV has expanded our partnerships, including the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence’s RULER program, and Penn Foster College, encouraging us to continue innovating. We’re looking forward to further growth and expansion at the April 2022 Summit.

2021 Summit CMASJ Exhibition

On the heels of its 5th anniversary, our Children’s Museum of Art and Social Justice was invited to be featured at this year’s ASU+GSV Summit! With the incredible help of our awesome interns from the Duke Engage program, we installed two separate, interactive exhibitions. The ASU+GSV Summit connects leading minds around education and skills to ensure a new era in which ALL people have equal access to the future. The exhibits presented replicated artwork from our most recent exhibition, Self(ie) Love. Self(ie) Love, an interactive portrait exhibition exploring ideas of identity and self-love, showcases work created by student artists ranging from ages 5 to 13. The work was inspired by the belief that when children are invited to express their identities through art, they can reflect on the many factors that contribute to who they are, ultimately celebrating all parts of themselves. Conversely, when we view someone else’s story through their artwork, we experience more connection, compassion, and empathy.

“Learning to stand in somebody else’s shoes, to see through their eyes, that’s how peace begins. And it’s up to you to make that happen. Empathy is a quality of character that can change the world.” -Barack Obama

2021 Summit Panel Discussions

In conjunction with two feature exhibits, KIPP Chicago Executive Director, April Montgomery Goble, curated a rich panel discussion to examine re-imagining transformation through the intersection of art, history, philanthropy, and Social Justice. The intention was to highlight the museum’s ongoing work while engaging the esteemed panel members to discuss their experiences of evolved ways of being at work, school, and in community as we continue to grapple with the ongoing impact of COVID-19, systemic oppression, and racialized violence. Panel participants included Dr. Mahalia Hines (President, Common Ground Foundation), Brittany Jones (Managing Director of Justice Initiatives, KIPP Chicago), Suree Towfighnia (Prairie Dust Films), and Acasia Wilson Feinberg (The 1954 Project, The Cleveland Avenue Foundation for Education).

Jennifer Hodges, our Vice President of Whole Child Fund & Community Impact, participated in a panel to discuss how learner variability and Whole Child learning is the key to supporting all learners. Most, if not all, communities and education practitioners have come to understand the needs of students. Many are leaning on field experts to bring a “whole child” construct to support students’ academic and social-emotional needs. This panel addressed how schools, in partnership with leading providers and experts, are supporting all learners.

Panel participants included Jean-Claude Brizard (Digital Promise), Christina Theokas (Turnaround For Children), Sunil Gunderia (Age of Learning), and Sujata Bhatt (Transcend/ Penn GSE).

2021 Summit Dr. Hines Lifetime Achievement Award

Dr. Mahalia Ann Hines has worked in the educational field for more than 35 years as a teacher and principal. During her 15 year stint as a principal, she serviced grade levels from elementary through high school in the Chicagoland area. Dr. Hines also worked as a coach for first-year principals, a mentor for current senior network leaders, principals and prospective principals in Chicago and nationally. Dr. Hines continues to work with leaders of public and charter schools in urban areas throughout the country to develop influential leaders who will guide others to provide the best possible education for the children least likely to receive it. In addition to working with schools and school leaders, she travels speaking to single mothers on raising successful sons.

Former CPS CEO Dr. Janice Jackson and KIPP Chicago Executive Director April Montgomery Goble had the honor of presenting Dr. Hines a Lifetime Achievement Award at this year’s ASU+GSV Summit. She mentors both leaders and has had an immense impact on their leadership journeys.

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