Sharing resources from our Children’s Museum of Art and Social Justice - KIPP Chicago Public Schools

The Whole Child Review Issue No. 6, May 2021

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Sharing resources from our Children’s Museum of Art and Social Justice

Coloring Book
Our coloring book is full of 30 + pages, all designed by a KIPP Chicago student. Check out De’Ondrea A.’s page with a message about changing the world and making an impact. Copies of the coloring book can be ordered here. All proceeds from the book will help us to install identity-affirming, positive murals in our schools.

With the wonderful generosity of Deborah Quazzo, Managing Partner at GSV Ventures and friend of KIPP Chicago, 500 individuals will receive a copy of the coloring book at this year’s ASU GSV conference in San Diego. KIPP Chicago looks forward to presenting at the conference in August! Thank you, Deborah, for supporting our endeavors to ensure quality arts programming for KIPP Chicago students.

Creative Schools Fund grants
Each year, a dedicated arts liaison from every school works with the Excellence team and School Leader to craft a $10k grant Creative Schools Fund grant proposal to bring meaningful art programming to students. This school year, KIPP One, KIPP Academy Chicago, and KIPP Ascend Middle School were awarded the grant to carry out various forms of arts programming. The grant helped these schools hire guest artists to teach in virtual classrooms, purchase custom-made creative workbooks and art supplies for students, and hire artists to add murals to school walls.


Installing CMASJ Artwork in Schools
As we continue to prioritize creating warm, welcoming, and affirming school environments, we believe student-created work should always be on display as much as possible. This spring, we installed our Activist Soup portraits, along with the bios of each person, to create a beautiful, meaningful, permanent fixture at all of our schools! Please consider a donation to our Go Fund Me to aid in our efforts to continue installing identity-affirming imagery in schools!

Duke Engage Interns:

We are thrilled to be working with three students from the DukeEngage program from Duke University this summer. The vision of DukeEngage is for students and faculty to collaborate with communities, locally and globally, to address critical social issues through an immersive summer of community engagement. This summer, our three interns, Axelle Miel, Victoria Wang, and Victor Clifton, will be collaborating with our efforts to elevate the work of CMASJ. We’re so excited to see what their unique backgrounds and perspectives will bring to our programming!

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