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The Whole Child Review Issue No. 6, May 2021

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Embracing an Inclusive and Challenging Curriculum

ThinkCerca is our newest partner that centers on critical analysis in writing. Cerca stands for claim, evidence, reasoning, counterargument, audience. This partnership offers our students the ability to increase their writing skills and provide the foundation for becoming the next generation of attorneys, journalists, and storytellers. We will pilot ThinkCerca in KIPP One Academy’s after-school program from March through June and offer complete classroom integration Fall of 2021. This partnership will provide pathways for the integration of the 1619 curriculum in our ELA and SSC curriculum.

1619 Project Pulitzer Center Grant
We are thrilled to announce that KIPP One Academy has recently become a Project Pulitzer Center Grant recipient! This grant supports exploring critical questions around racial justice and other pressing issues and was developed by award-winning journalists and the Pulitzer Center education team. The grant supports curriculum development and professional development for teachers. We look forward to utilizing the resources of the 1619 Project to reframe how history is taught to students.

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