Addressing Food Justice - KIPP Chicago Public Schools

The Whole Child Review Issue No. 3, April 2020

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Addressing Food Justice

KIPP Chicago essential employees, such as food service workers and custodians and volunteers, have worked hard to ensure our students and families continue to have two meals a day. Each day, all viable schools open from 9am-1pm to pass out pre-packaged meals for families. We are incredibly appreciative of their work!

These cross-stitch hearts were created by the 5th graders at KIPP Ascend Middle School last year as part of our Heart Felt and Sew Kind art show. They are still used to this day when sending gratitude to community partners or others who are working to make a difference. To our KIPP essential employees, we are so grateful for you!

KIPP Bloom has been consistently supporting the nutritional needs of their families. As we are planning to expand the capacity of the Bloom pantry, our community partnerships are equally important to meet the nutritional needs of families. Our most recent partnership is with the K.L.E.O. (Keep Loving Each Other) Center. K.L.E.O. (in partnership with University of Chicago) offers a monthly food pantry event that also services community health needs. The day of the event offers creative performances by local artists, diabetes testing for families, healthy food instruction and recipes and raffles. The event is open to the public and free. Find the monthly calendar here.

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