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The Whole Child Review Issue No. 2, December 2019

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Sharing resources from our CMASJ

Food for Thought is a multimedia exhibition created by artists ages six to thirteen years old. The artworks are explorations of the various roles that food plays in our lives- from sustenance and necessity to celebration, memories, and tradition. While we celebrate many components of food, these works also investigate and illustrate the questions we can ask ourselves about food access, food choice, and food waste.

The works in Food for Thought are intended to pose questions, to the artists and viewers, in an open-ended way. The exhibition calls for a critical examination into the complexity of how food is entangled within larger systems of power and how to make positive, lasting, and equitable changes to those systems.

We make art to ask questions, examine, and explore. As you view the artwork in Food for Thought, consider the following: What is my relationship with food? What memories do I have that are tied to meals? Where does my food come from? What happens to food after we’re done with it? What role can food play in building community? Who has access to a variety of foods? Who doesn’t? What are activists doing to ensure more people have access to food? How can we all be food activists?


The 3rd and 4th art show openings will be March 13 and June 14. This year, we are thrilled to be organizing twice the number of art shows as last year, ensuring our students are receiving meaningful visual arts learning centered around social justice.

The KIPP Chicago website will soon include all of the content from our Children’s Museum of Art and Social Justice, including every lesson plan from all of our exhibitions so that we are able to share our work with a larger community who may be interested in bringing social justice based art lessons to children.

Our Passion Projects are underway at each school and students are engaging in a diverse number of projects from after school programming and orchestra classes to mindfulness work and sports. We will be sharing photos and videos in upcoming editions of our Whole Child Review to show you the amazing learning that is happening.

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