Integrating SEL - KIPP Chicago Public Schools

The Whole Child Review Issue No. 12, September 2023

Integrating SEL

CPS Healing-Centered Conference

Formerly known as the OSEL Summer Institute, the Healing-Centered Conference is the Office of Social & Emotional Learning reimagined summer learning experience for Chicago educators. The conference was attended by teachers, school leaders, social workers, school counselors, and other practitioners in our District. Brittany Jones, Managing Director of Justice Initiatives, had an opportunity to represent KIPP Chicago at this year’s Summer conference. There were several deeply meaningful sessions that ranged from training on creating wellness ecosystems to healing circles to using social-emotional learning to leverage student and adult relationships better.

We look forward to applying our learning and continuing to collaborate with the CPS Office of Social & Emotional Learning to support our regional wellness goals.

How We Feel App

The Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence has collaborated with the non-profit How We Feel on an exciting App focused on emotional well-being. The App is called How We Feel and is available for free on iOS and Android. It incorporates principles from Mark Brackett’s book, Permission to Feel, has a Mood Meter, and dozens of research-based strategies to support healthy emotion regulation and emotional-tracking capabilities. KIPP Chicago continues using Yale’s RULER curriculum to support our social-emotional learning goals. You can find mood meters being used daily across the region. Several staff members have already benefited from the How We Feel App, tracking their experiences and emotions throughout the day. 


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