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The Whole Child Review Issue No. 12, September 2023

Enhancing Teacher Wellbeing

Gathering for Spring Collaboration Day

Our Team and Family gathered in person for Spring Collaboration Day for the first time since the beginning of the COVID pandemic. During this time, we celebrated our accomplishments, shared stories of impact, and renewed our commitment to our mission of empowering students to reach their full potential. It was a day filled with inspiration, unity, and a shared vision for the future, emphasizing that our collective efforts will continue to drive positive change for our students and our community. 

The day was marked with a powerful spoken word performance by staff members on what social justice means to our organization.

Social Justice means collaborating with Rush University to open a food pantry with healthy food options for KIPP Academy Chicago families.

Social Justice looks like offering KIPP Chicago families an opportunity to earn their HS diploma alongside their KIPP student.  

Social Justice looks like offering KIPP students the opportunity to debate current events directly impacting them and participate in the Model UN conference in NYC. 

Social Justice looks like having access to VR headsets and experiencing Algebra through cutting-edge Math curricula. 

Social Justice looks like using a five-year, $600K grant to ensure all KIPP Students can pursue something they are passionate about. 

Social Justice looks like using the Creative Schools Grant to ensure students at KAP receive emotional support through Art Therapy.  

Social Justice looks like collaborating with the KIPP Foundation’s professional learning partnership to get better at coaching and supporting teachers and students with rigorous grade-level learning opportunities. 

Social Justice looks like collaborating with the KIPP Foundation in their professional learning partnership to adopt a Science of Reading-aligned curriculum that ensures teachers and students have the resources and materials they need to be reading to learn by third grade! 

Social Justice looks like implementation of and professional learning about a research-based phonics curriculum – Hillrap –  so that students who are not reading at grade level YET have opportunities to close their reading gaps and excel. 

Social Justice looks like investing in SEL training for our SEL peer leaders to ensure that Social Emotional Learning is always a part of KIPP Chicago’s academic program. 

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