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The Whole Child Review Issue No. 12, September 2023

Embracing an Inclusive and Challenging Curriculum

CREDO Report

KIPP Chicago Public Schools has been recognized as a “Gap Buster” charter network, earning the highest rating in a national study conducted by Stanford University’s Center for Research on Education Outcomes (CREDO). The empirical evidence provided by CREDO’s study demonstrates that our model is resulting in dramatic improvements in Reading and Math for Chicago’s Black and Brown students, exceeding the state average in overall student achievement. Our students achieved gains equivalent to an additional 96 days of learning within the same school year. The full study can be found here, or you can watch a video from CREDO that provides an overview of the study and its findings. 

KAC Robotics Competition

Middle school students at KIPP Academy Chicago put their computer science and coding skills to the test in an exciting robotics competition. Sponsored by the Amazon Future Engineer program, these 6th-grade students embarked on a mission to design robots capable of responding to environmental cues to address natural hazards such as fires, hurricanes, and tornadoes. Over the course of three weeks, these young innovators delved into coding and hands-on robot building, creating their very own Early Warning System robots. This competition not only showcased the powerful relationship between technology and education but also highlighted how STEM education can empower the next generation to address real-world challenges, preparing them for the realities of the future while nurturing their creativity and problem-solving skills.

Model UN

The Model UN Teams at KIPP Bloom College Prep, KIPP One Academy, and KIPP Academy Chicago teams were hard at work all year preparing for their participation in the International Middle School Model UN Conference in New York City. Thirty-four exceptional students represented the city of Chicago at the conference, engaging in rigorous committee sessions. These remarkable young leaders addressed critical global issues, from systemic racism in the digital age to the implications of animal testing. A group of our students took the lead in their committee focused on the implications of animal testing, presenting their resolution paper at the United Nations in front of 120 people. We are thrilled to share that two students, Aarianna and Jackson, received recognition for having the strongest country statement, a testament to their exceptional research and representation of Germany. Beyond their commendable work in Model UN, our students represented KIPP Chicago with kindness and respect, earning praise from other groups and conference administrators for their courteous demeanor and supportive interactions. 

The trip was not all business, though! Our students explored the vibrant city of New York, attended a Broadway show, enjoyed delicious meals, and formed lasting friendships. Check out a video recap of their trip below.

At the end of the season, our students and their families gathered for a celebration to reflect on the lessons learned, both about the world and themselves, during their Model U.N. journey. Our students shared personal stories of triumph, from conquering fears of public speaking to discovering their best selves through teamwork and pushing past comfort zones. The banquets also honored our graduating 8th graders with engraved gavels, symbols of their outstanding contributions to Model U.N.

None of this would have been possible without the unwavering support of our student’s families. We acknowledge the early morning drop-offs, late pick-ups, and all the countless acts of support that have made this journey a reality. We are immensely grateful for our Model UN community. Due to the incredible success and growth of the model UN program, we are excited to share that it will be expanded to all of our schools for the 23-24 school year under the direction of Molly Harris.

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