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The Whole Child Review Issue No. 12, September 2023

Cultivating Identity Development Practices

The Wiz at KAP

KIPP Ascend Primary School students took center stage this spring in a vibrant performance of “The Wiz” musical. This production provided an exceptional platform for our young performing artists to showcase their singing and dancing abilities while bringing the magic of the theater to life. At KIPP Chicago, we firmly believe in nurturing the whole child, and our commitment to incorporating art into our curriculum is a testament to that belief. Through creative outlets like musical performances, our students develop their artistic skills and practice self-expression, confidence, and teamwork. 

Empowering Future Leaders

During Women’s History Month, KIPP Academy Chicago Primary had the distinct honor of hosting State Rep. Debbie Meyers-Martin and Comptroller Susana A. Mendoza. These distinguished elected officials shared their experiences and insights with our students about what it means to be a leader. They engaged in candid discussions and answered student questions. The visit also included a school tour, allowing Rep. Meyers-Martin and Comptroller Mendoza to witness firsthand the transformative impact of education in our community. Their visit served as a powerful reminder to our students that with determination and dedication, they, too, can aspire to become influential leaders who shape the future of our city and state.

KIPP Foundation Equity Summit

On Wednesday, July 20, KIPP Chicago hosted over 30 Equity practitioners from nine KIPP regions at our Children’s Museum of Art and Social Justice (CMASJ) in Pilsen. Participants started the day enjoying local Chicago foods. Participants were also serenaded by KIPP Chicago’s own Windy Indie, who entertained us with some old-school party starters on her violin. Following lunch, participants learned about our Equity journey from several KIPP Chicago staff.

April Montgomery Goble and Rashid Bell opened with the history of our region, including KIPP Chicago being one of the first regions to participate in LRE, Leading for Racial Equity.

Jennifer Hodges shared programs offered through the Whole Child Initiative, while Pete Gooden shared about the leadership journeys and impact projects of The McNair Fellowship. Brittany Jones highlighted our social-emotional learning (SEL) and RULER training used across our region.  

Bankston and April sat down for a “Fireside Chat” to discuss the Vocal Justice course taught by Bankston to our students at KIPP Bloom.  

Finally, participants were given the opportunity to experience the Chicago Museum of Art & Social Justice while also creating their own “Afro-futurism” work of art. We are thrilled to have been able to partner to support this amazing group of equity practitioners. 

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