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November 15, 2019

KIPP Chicago again leads all public schools in Chicago

Dear KIPP Chicago Friends,

We are excited to share and celebrate with you the results of the latest School Quality Rating Policy (SQRP) scores released by Chicago Public Schools this past Friday, November 8th. For the third year in a row, KIPP Chicago is the highest performing network of K-8 schools in the city. These results are significant because they highlight that all of our schools are excellent options for families.

To put this into perspective, each of our K-8 schools is the highest performing school in its neighborhood. KIPP Academy and KIPP One are the only Level 1+ rated schools in Austin and Humboldt Park, respectively. Likewise, KIPP Ascend, rated a 1 and KIPP Bloom, rated a 1+, are the highest-rated schools in North Lawndale and Englewood.

“Our collective commitment is to ensure that families have an excellent school from which to choose, close to their homes. A high SQRP rating is one of several ways we assess our effectiveness at doing just that.”
-Amy Pouba, Superintendent of KIPP Chicago

Other highlights worth noting include KIPP One’s rating as the highest performing public school in the entire city for the second year in a row. And earlier this fall, Chicago magazine named KIPP Academy and KIPP One on its 2019 list of the Best Public Schools in Chicago, again recognizing our ability to offer high quality, college prep options in the neighborhoods where our schools are located.

“I am thrilled that the highest performing public school in all of Chicago is not in Lincoln Park, not in Hyde Park, not in Lake View . . . . it is in on Chicago’s West Side. KIPP One’s exemplary performance demonstrates how much potential we have distributed across the city. This is precisely why we are so optimistic about Mayor Lightfoot’s Invest South/West initiative—new investments on the West and South Sides will help us tap into this potential and make Chicago a city where every student can envision a bright future. Special thanks to KIPP for showing the way.”
-Andrew Broy, President of the Illinois Network of Charter Schools

The CPS School Quality Rating Policy (SQRP) is a five-tiered performance system based on a broad range of indicators of success, including, but not limited to, student test score performance, student academic growth, closing of achievement gaps, school culture and climate, attendance, graduation, and preparation for post-graduation success. The highest score a school can earn is a 1+, followed by a 1, 2+, 2, or 3.

“I am proud to serve students and teachers who work so hard to demonstrate their excellence. KIPP’s 1 and 1+ ratings demonstrate the brilliance of our community and students; the skills of our teachers and the commitment of our parents and caregivers. I am honored to lead the Whole Child Initiative and support the achievement of students, teachers, and parents for their long term success.”
-Jennifer Hodges, Director of Whole Child Initiative, KIPP Chicago

While we celebrate these tremendous results, our commitment moving forward is to build on these accomplishments, holding our students and families at the center of our mission, providing them with the best education possible. We look forward to continuing our work together.

In community,

Executive Director
KIPP Chicago Public Schools

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