Black History Month 2022 - KIPP Chicago Public Schools

Happy Black History Month!

KIPP Chicago is proud to celebrate our staff, students, alumni, and community partners’ rich histories, undeniable cultural impact, brilliance, beauty, and legacies. This is a time to magnify African Americans’ many achievements and contributions to our economic, educational, spiritual, cultural, and political development. This month, we recognize that Black history and Black people are a pivotal driving force that propels this nation forward, at every moment, even in the face of tremendous adversity.

Teaching and celebrating Black history and culture is more important now than ever. Today, at least 9 Historically Black Colleges and Universities received bomb threats to mark the start of this month. For the first time, schools and universities all over the country will be celebrating this month under new restrictions and regulations on diversity education imposed by a growing number of states. In the face of the ongoing global pandemic coupled with our all too unfortunate social justice reality, we are seeing the devastating effects on the mental health and wellbeing of our Black communities.

We must continue to be conscious and intentional in our collective learning, inclusion, and celebration of Black History 365 days a year. The narrative does not begin nor end with slavery, but rather with the brilliance and spirit rooted in excellence, joy, and community that has existed through our ancestors and continues through today’s generation.