The Whole Child Review

Issue No. 5, Winter 2021

Increasing family and community partnerships

Since 1870, Erie Neighborhood House has provided the comprehensive support immigrant and low-income families in Chicago need to thrive and has constantly evolved to meet their needs. Today, Erie House is a modern social service nonprofit with programming and resources for children & youth, mental health & community wellness, adult education & training, legal services, and more.

Embracing an Inclusive and Challenging Curriculum

Facing History and Ourselves believes the bigotry and hate that we witness today are the legacies of brutal injustices of the past. Facing our collective history and how it informs our attitudes and behaviors allows us to choose a world of equity and justice. Facing History’s resources address racism, antisemitism, and prejudice at pivotal moments in history,. They help students connect choices made in the past to those they will confront in their own lives.

Sharing Resources from our Children’s Museum of Art and Social Justice

As we continue to engage students in virtual art experiences around social justice themes, we are also developing resources for all students while learning at home. KIPP Chicago students created our first CMASJ virtual project which lives on our website as a downloadable coloring book.

Integrating Social and Emotional Learning

We have made great progress in training all staff members at two schools so far. As each SEL leader from our other 6 schools completes their training, they will lead their whole staff through the workshops. When school staff work through the training together, it creates a sense of shared experiences and empathy that will translate to students’ connection.

Cultivating Identity Development Practices

Over 50 staff members, including School Leaders, senior leadership team members, Assistant Principals, and all direct managers, continue to participate in ongoing antiracist training this school year with Dr. Blanca Ruiz, who was one of the original Leading for Equity trainers, working with Executive Directors and the KIPP Foundation. Part II of the training was held in December and part III is happening January 29th.

Addressing Food Insecurities

We’re thrilled to continue our partnerships with Native Tongue Magazine, a free food magazine that promotes food literacy through tailored recipes, cooking techniques, and educational content.

Embracing Teacher Wellbeing

As we are all working from home, we sincerely miss the opportunities to gather in person for the sake of community, joy, and wellbeing! In striving to virtually hold space for connecting with others across the region, we’ve hosted 9 wellness workshops since the start of the school year.

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