Issue No. 2 Winter Edition

Increasing family and community partnerships

We know that partnering with community organizations and businesses brings our schools a variety of opportunities and we’re so grateful for a growing number of relationships we are building. Read more about our partnerships to bring clinics to our schools, a Pre-K program, arts opportunities, and warm coats to 560 KIPPsters.

Embracing an inclusive and challenging curriculum

As we continue exploring ways to strengthen our curriculum, we are celebrating a new partnership with Project Lead the Way that will bring computer science programs to our 7th and 8th graders and continued success with our Amplify Science curriculum. Learn more about educational resources we’ve been utilizing, like The Conscious Kid.

Sharing resources from our CMASJ

Our 2nd art exhibition of the school year, Food for Thought opened December 13th and it was a beautiful celebration of kids’ artwork! Read more about how we’re using our Children’s Museum of Art and Social Justice to bring meaningful arts projects to kids.

Integrating Social Emotional Learning

The importance of SEL teacher training is critical for students to thrive at school and we’ve been working hard to identify partners in this work. Check out Mr. Gibson, KIPP Ascend Primary dance teacher, opening class with a routine meditation and breathing exercise to get students started in a positive way!

Cultivating Identity Development Practices

As we have prioritized the development of spaces for students that cultivate identity, our teachers have been doing a phenomenal job building classroom environments that are warm and welcoming, thoughtfully curated, and affirming. Inside classrooms you will find visual representation of artists, musicians, scholars, historians, inventors, politicians, and activists.

Addressing food insecurities

As part of Food for Thought, the current art exhibition at our CMASJ, we will be collecting canned food to begin our food pantry campaign. If you are able, please drop off or send shelf stable food to 2007 S Halsted to be donated to our schools’ food pantries.

Alumni Feature: Ramya Herman

We are incredibly proud of our alumni and will be featuring their stories in each Whole Child Review. Read more about Ramya Herman, KIPP Academy Chicago alum and published poet!

Holiday Performances

Check out the winter performances from KIPP Ascend Primary’s 3rd and 4th grade step team!

INCS Principal of the Year

Ken Lee, KIPP One’s school leader for grades 5-8, was named the 2019 Charter School Principal of the Year by INCS. Read more about how he stood out in a pool of excellent contenders!

Jarell Lee on Public Radio!

On October 21st, Minnesota Public Radio (MPR) News host Angela Davis spoke with the authors of The Formula: Unlocking the Secrets to Raising Highly Successful Children, about their book. During the hour, they were joined by Jarell Lee (at minute 26), Principal of KIPP Academy Chicago Primary, whose story is featured in The Formula.

Sewing & Giving

KIPP Ascend Primary fourth graders have been sewing away! Walk into Ms. Thomm’s art room during their class time and you’ll find students sitting at tables and on the carpet, talking and sewing, like a modern day quilting circle. After creating sewn food plushies for the current Children’s Museum of Art and Social Justice exhibition, they created little plushie creatures for another special group at school. The fourth grade art elective class delivered the hand sewn creatures to a Kindergarten class, giving each Kindergartner a plushie and reading them books. Thanks for the act of kindness, KIPPsters!

Robotics Club

Teamwork is a huge part of robotics and you will hear everyone in KIPP One Academy’s club echo this sentiment! Read more about their journey as a team.