KIPP Through College

The KIPP Through College team is committed to ensuring that all KIPP alumni have the tools and support needed to access and attain a college degree.

Current data shows that young adults with a bachelor’s degree earn 55% more than those with only a high school diploma. College attendance also is associated with higher levels of civic engagement, as well as moral, emotional, and aesthetic development.

Only 23 of every 100 ninth-grade students nationwide earn a college degree within five years of high school graduation; in Chicago, only 16 do.

By offering a mix of programs and services designed to reach every student and family — from one-on-one student meetings, to financial aid counseling, academic advising, life skills training, mentoring, college guidance, and more — KIPP Through College provides KIPP Chicago Schools alumni with the tools for success in high school, college, and the competitive world beyond.

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