Teacher Development

Your School: 

KIPP Chicago Schools believes in developing master teachers by providing ongoing, high-quality professional development opportunities. Teachers gather four days a week for professional development from 4:00-5:00 pm.  During weekly professional development, teachers have time to work in grade-level teams, lesson plan in content teams and develop strategies to meet all students’ needs. 


Four times per year, all KIPP Chicago Schools teachers engage in professional development following benchmark assessments.  Teachers collaborate with colleagues to strategize and share practices, ensuring all students meet rigorous academic goals that put even our youngest students on a path to college-readiness.    


The KIPP Chicago Schools Community:

All KIPP Chicago Schools teachers gather annually for professional development.  These professional development conferences allow teachers of similar content areas to collaborate and share resources. 


The National KIPP Network:

Every summer, KIPP teachers have the opportunity to come together for an entire week of learning and community building at the KIPP School Summit (KSS).  This network-wide event offers learning experiences with high-quality presenters in all content areas, which include academically effective and culturally relevant pedagogy.  KSS ensures that teachers return to their classrooms each fall equipped with skills and tools that they can implement immediately.  Every session is designed to support teachers in becoming masters of their craft.  At KSS, several outstanding KIPP teachers from a pool of thousands of KIPP educators are recognized with the KIPP Excellence in Teaching Award; each winner receives $10,000 from the KIPP Foundation as part of the award recognition.   


The KIPP Foundation also runs the nationally recognized KIPP School Leadership Program (KSLP) during the summer and throughout the school year to support the development of teacher-leaders, assistant principals and individuals selected to lead KIPP schools.  Those selected for the KSLP summer institute spend five weeks at the University of Chicago learning from renowned professionals to enhance their leadership skills. KSLP leadership development programs include classroom learning, collaborative projects and residencies in KIPP schools across the country. 


Finally, all KIPP teachers have access to KIPP Share, an online platform that enables KIPP teachers across the country to share curriculum, classroom resources, and best practices.  It is a growing database of teaching materials that makes lesson planning easier and our teaching better.   

KIPP Share from KIPP Foundation on Vimeo.

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