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February Black History Dance Concert
Internal KIPP News | July 27, 2015
Read about the Black History Dance Concert at KIPP Ascend Primary. >
“This field trip definitely connects our mission to real life. After seeing what college really is and what their futures can be, our students will be more motivated in working towards that goal,” says Emily Rolling, KIPP Ascend’s learning support specialist. >
A NEW REPORT documents again that middle school students in the Knowledge is Power Program (KIPP) outperform their counterparts in traditional public schools -- and debunks some of the arguments often used to discount KIPP's success. One reason KIPP students learn more is that they are in school. >
KIPP schools raise the bar
NBC Nightly News | October 5, 2009
KIPP is featured as part of an ongoing series, "What Works," which highlights programs that are helping communities across the country. NBC gave video cameras to two KIPP students, one in New York and one in Los Angeles, so they could film a "day in the life of a KIPPster." >

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